The Pantry

Here we aim to bring together a selection of local handmade produce along with our own olive oil. The Quill Collective is situated on our olive farm 'South Stoke', where we produce olive oil and table olives. The farm has been passed on from the previous owners who won awards with the oil that the trees produced and it's one reason we have continued to farm these trees. Olive oil has so many uses as we know, and you'll find plenty of inspiration and recipes for skin care in the Apothecary section. But here we are focusing on taste. Whether you'd like to bottle your own bespoke bottles as table gifts for a wedding, which we can personalise for you, or you'd just like to try to infuse your own oil or olives for the kitchen, here we provide you with everything you'll need.

The Herbal emporium
Tiarni Tea
Vasse Valley
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