The Dandelion Room

Our creative space for little hands. This is the place where you don't have to worry about breaking or spilling things. Children can be free to be as creative as they like and not glue feathers and pipe cleaners to your sofa. There are a limited amount of tables so that every child can have a space without feeling overwhelmed or crowded. We can take bookings if you know which time slots you'd like or if you'd like to book the entire space for a party. Otherwise it's a first come first serve basis. Each time slot is an hour when it's busy or you're welcome to stay longer if we're not. We provide craft trays depending on what you're wanting to do, each one is $5.00, you can choose all painting equipment if you like, or a little bit of everything. The choice is up to you. Pottery painting is also available to do here but these items are individually priced. Remember that you need to allow a week to have the item fired in our kiln - worth noting if you're on holiday.

The space leads on to the children's own private garden, which is fenced and child proof, so they can crawl or run around without you worrying about pebbles in their mouths or pulling up the flowers. We also provide throws and cushions so you don't have to pack up the entire house. The toilets (and sinks) are close by too which makes life just that little bit easier and cleaner!


Daily Bookings

To make sure you don't have to wait for a table you can book ahead of time and we will make sure your table is available for you. Each time slot is an hour but you are welcome to book for longer if you wish.



The room has 10 tables and we are happy to book out a portion of these or the entire room if that is what you'd like. Let us know how long you would like and we can accommodate.



The Garden

If you'd like to book the garden space for a party then we can provide catering and decorations for you as well. Just let us know the theme and we can work the magic so you don't have to fill party bags until 2am.