The Dandelion Room

Our creative space just for little hands. Situated in the outside conservatory, surrounded by plants and sealed off from the elements in Winter and shaded throughout Summer, this is the place where you don't have to worry about breaking or spilling things. Children can be free to be as creative as they like and not glue feathers and pipe cleaners to your sofa. There are only a few tables so that they can have a space to create without feeling overwhelmed or crowded.


There is a time limit of one hour, to ensure plenty of people get a turn and that’s usually all the time they’ll need before they want to run outside. If we are quiet and there are other tables available you are more than welcome to stay longer. You can of course book a table over the phone, if you know what time slot you'd like, or if you'd like to book the entire space for a party. Otherwise it's a first come, first serve basis. 

We provide pre-stoked craft trays, complete with all the materials you’ll need, depending on what you're wanting to do, each with full instructions so you don’t have to think. Each tray is $10.00 and loaded up so they’ll be fully occupied.

We have tried to keep our craft supply as natural and as sustainable as possible. Children can learn to weave, or even create their own plant based dyes and paints. (All creations can be disposed of on the compost bin if and when they tire of them, so no landfill waste for you to deal with later). Every few weeks we will be trawling Pinterest for ideas so there will always be plenty of fresh ideas to choose from.

Pottery painting is also available to do here but these items are individually priced. Remember that you need to allow a week to have the item fired in our kiln - worth noting if you're on holiday.


The room leads directly into ‘Gulliver’s Garden,’ our child proof, fenced in toddler garden, so they can crawl or run around without you worrying about pebbles in their mouths or pulling up the flowers. We also provide throws and cushions so you don't have to pack up the entire house. This garden then leads (via a gate), onto the large wooded ‘Swallows and Amazons’ garden, this is for older children and we have left things as nature intended so they are free to run and explore the way we did as children. This area is also fenced in. The toilets (and an outside sink) are close by too which makes life just that little bit easier and cleaner!

There is The Waterhouse Garden, which is our own cutting garden that surrounds a labyrinth, while children are most welcome in this space we only ask that they are supervised. The centre of the labyrinth is designed as a calm, quiet space and the flowers are left primarily for the bees, so just hold their hands and enjoy - or let them lose in The Swallows and Amazon Garden and they can run wild!


Daily Bookings

To make sure you don't have to wait for a table you can book ahead of time and we will make sure your table is available for you. Each time slot is an hour but you are welcome to book for longer if you wish.



The room has 5 tables and we are happy to book out a portion of these or the entire room if that is what you'd like. Let us know how long you would like and we can accommodate.



The Gardens

If you'd like to book one of the garden spaces for a party we can provide catering and sustainable decorations for you as well. We are a no single-use venue so leave balloons and streamers at home and let us decorate for you with beautiful fabric bunting, and we can even create craft party bags so you don't have to fill them at 2am!