The Creative Outlet

This was the name I picked over 15 years ago... and it's still here. This is the core of what I wanted to create. A space where local artists could come together to share their work and not have to endure huge costs in order to do it. I often find in creative spaces, that the artist is usually the last person to make any money even when the customer is paying large amounts for the work. I never want cost to impede the creative process. As an artist myself I always wanted a simple outlet where I could pass on my creations so that I could get on and create more without having to find a market stall or  a gallery to display the work. A lot of artists find selling their own work difficult, I myself have found that during exhibitions and I think it's lovely to be able to display your work with others and without the pressure to sell or deal directly with the public. From a retail perspective this gives the customer the delight of having a variety of local products that are handmade brought together for an affordable cost which means you can have small pieces of art in your home rather than mass produced generic items.

We will also be opening small artist studios in the future, where artists can stay and create in privacy, surrounded by nature and inspiration.



Whether you make jewellery, soap, cards or bowls, photography or quilts. If you create something that you'd like to sell then we would love the opportunity to help you do that. The space is limited and we need to make sure we offer a variety but let us know what it is you do and we can try to accommodate. We will also be holding market days where we would welcome anyone to come and display their work. 



If you would like to hold a small one off exhibition of your work then please do contact us and we can arrange an evening or a week long exhibition, whatever you would like. We are able to offer catering for these as well if you need and would be happy to support you in reaching the local community.



If you are an artist yourself and would like to display you work, have some time up your sleeve, and enjoy interacting with others, then we would love to offer you a way display your work for free with no charge on items sold, in exchange for a few hours a week working in the space. If it's quiet you can focus on your own work or help others who are looking for help and inspiration. We wanted this to be a place where artists can inspire others and have a space where they can sell their work for little or no cost. I have grown up in an artistic community and have found it to be both inspiring and immensely supporting. Being an artist can be solitary and confining and you can send you self a little crazy with self-doubt. Having other artists around to encourage you and allow you to see your work with fresh eyes is such a helpful experience.