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This is simply a movement to recognise the people in our lives, the strangers and neighbours that we see every day. I wanted to create a way that we can show people that we notice them and that we think of them. That what they do makes a difference.

By sharing just $1 a month with enough people we can and we will change a person's day or life. I think kindness and recognition breeds more of them same and the ripples from one act of good can extend out in ways we could never have imagined. 

Each month I pledge to be as creative as I can be with the dollars I have and to document it for you to see.  

I started in January 2017 with $1.

From little things big things grow.

To share a $1 for the month or even buy a membership for a whole year ($12), then click below and follow me on Facebook and see who's life we've honoured this month. (It's also a nice gift to buy someone else I think - slightly more imaginative than a card and a candle?).

Thanks guys, I can't wait to see where we go!

Jo x

1 Year Membership

1 Year Membership