Quill & Thimble

 I love vintage Christmas ornaments, or any other knick knack that gets passed down through families and has a story to tell. Handmade treasures become the things we can't and don't throw away, certainly for me these things have a quality about them that I just can't buy anywhere. Wind chimes made from shells, driftwood, wreaths or painted glass bottles and stones - the creative ideas are endless. We have a enormous selection of ribbons, feathers, shells, sea glass, buttons, ink, paint, fabric and anything else you can think of. Without having to buy in bulk you can sit down with a coffee and make your decorations as gift or for your own home and garden. We even offer baby shower bunting where you can choose a colour theme with your friends and each one gets to decorate their own flag to hang together in a line in the nursery. Something that won't ever get discarded. We have so many easy ideas and inspiration boards you'll be full of ideas.

 I find most of the time the thing that stops me doing these projects is time and space. But by having everything here ready for you, you can get straight to it and you don't have to pack it away from the kitchen table afterwards!


Here are our recent favourite finds on our Pinterest page. Visit to see more lovely ideas and to follow these artists on their own sites.