Quill & Clay

My one and only experience of a paint-your-own-pottery café was while seated at a miniature table with a few toddlers and my best friend in Joburg. We created our one-of-a-kind mugs while her children defaced a piggy bank and we were all very pleased with ourselves.

I used to imagine all the other pieces I wanted to create as my tastes changed and inevitable breakages occurred. The only issue I found was, not having any children at the time the idea of taking my 30 year old self and sitting alone in a brightly lit kindergarten inspired room did not appeal. I wanted to be able to create my own Emma Bridgewater creations, I wanted funny quotes that my friends and I had shared on a mug for their birthday. And I wanted to be sitting in a normal chair in the peace and quiet. 

But children also need the space to be and to be inspired by other kids - so we have created spaces where everyone can be happy. 

This is what The Quill Collective is all about.

Whether you want to create something for yourself or as a gift there are plenty of ideas and simple examples to follow. You can organise a bridal or baby shower creating one of a kind pieces, or the kids can come along and create a gift for mother's or father's day. 

We offer a range of blanks which you simply paint straight on to and then leave with us for a week where we fire it in the kiln and you can collect and take it home – a time frame worth considering if, like me, you were on holiday and nearly forgot to factor in the firing time.

The other alternative to choosing a well-formed but rather uniform piece is to create a beautifully flawed and self made piece your self. A plate doesn’t have to be perfect, just bash the clay around a bit and then come back and paint it. We will of course be offering pottery courses if your clay bashing turns out to be something you’d like to progress at and there are also some amazing local potters and groups in the area to get inspiration from.

Below are our recent Pinterest finds which we cannot wait to try out. Visit the site to find out more about this beautiful work and the people who created it.