Mindful Apparel

Mindful Apparel is our eco-friendly clothing brand that was first founded by Carrie Forman in Boston in 2011. Carrie, was initially inspired by Masaro Emoto's work in 'Messages In Water'. Since it's beginning Carrie and I have shared the ethos of the brand, that 'Words Have Power' and that what we say to ourselves and others has a direct impact on us at a cellular level.

'You are the hero in your story'

'You are the hero in your story'

After many years being based solely in the U.S, we're so excited to bring Mindful Apparel to Australia. Here at The Quill Collective we hope to be able to produce the line in-house using ethically sourced fabrics so you can proudly say you know exactly where your clothes come from. 

Our line has always been either 100% organic, Eco-conscious or mindfully sourced in some way. It’s simple and understated in its design - we try to let the words speak for themselves.

We both wear our own clothes everyday, under sweaters, on their own, to yoga, and even to sleep in. They are long in the body and arms and the fabric 'breathes' (as my mother would say). We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and we look forward to bringing you many more beautiful words in the future.

Our message is simple. Words have power, so make a mindful choice.

Carrie & Jo

Visit our website at www.mindfulapparelusa.com

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