A little goes a long way

As 2017 ended there was a notable roar from the women in the world and I will admit I was one of them. As 2018 kicks in, I like so many, am juggling motherhood, "me" time, big work plans and for the first time truly embracing it. It feels like such an exciting time for so many reasons, not just for me but globally. I almost decided to combine January and February and then just as I was going to bed I had a scroll down the 12 Dollar Facebook page and there was a post I had shared from a while back from Essentials For Women. An organization that started like this one, teeny tiny small but that has grown into something I hope this will too one day.

This isn't rocket science, we're not rescuinging anyone - but. And here is the BUT, humanity is a funny thing because I think what can happen sometimes it we are so consumed with the big disasters or own stuff that we forget we can make an impact and so easily. Sometimes the small gestures are what make the world go round and we often don't recognise it.


So for January we donated $40 worth of female items to this amazing charity for women who need the basics. And when you need fresh underwear and tampons you know that when they are given they are appreciated. Let's just take a moment to be thankful here. 

We take so much for granted don't we? And that's not a judgement thing, it's a fact. And one this month I'm happy to be reminded of. Not to make me feel bad, but to make me thankful. 

I think supporting each other is vital, and while I obviously support humanity as a whole, this month I felt a little love for the women out there would be a good way to end 2017 and begin 2018.

So far in 2018 there are 42 of us, so we have $42 to spend in February. Imagine if we can get more! Instead of buying a bottle of wine or beer for a friend, why not sponsor them for a year? That's what my lovely friend is doing each month and it just makes me glow every time I get an email. There are 42 of us... it was just me a year ago. Just imagine having $1000 a month! Imagine it!

I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Feet on the ground - Reach for the stars.

Thank you so much guys.

Jo xxx