Jo Tyrrell

The idealist and the dream. (And being naked in the street).

Jo Tyrrell
The idealist and the dream. (And being naked in the street).

A year ago I woke up having had a total Jerry Maguire moment.


I had the 12 dollar club in my head and decided that even if it was just me and my $1, I would commit to a year of giving. $50 later and our little club actually did make an impact, albeit in a small way. But we actually changed things, and not just in the local community, but all around the world.

I'll admit it was MUCH harder than I thought. I really never thought $12 would be that hard to get, since it's less than a bottle of wine, but it proved not only difficult but really socially awkward. I'm not good at asking at the best of times - I had just thought people would feel inspired I guess. I had such high expectations. I imagined thousands of us just giving money away, building hospital wings, that sort of thing. But not so much. Instead I felt like Will Farrell, when he's convinced that everyone is also running behind him going "streaking",

Only to discover...


So as much as I had a few fellow "streakers" running alongside me, generally I have felt a little odd driving around each month trying to give money to people and not make it weird. Because it does get weird. 

So now I'm back at the year mark and "membership" fees are going to be asked for again and I'm cringing...

I almost feel like just putting the money in for my friends instead and just telling them that's where their wine has gone to at the next BBQ. 

So as I was sitting here the other night thinking yes it was worth it, yes we sent out ripples, but I'm a pretty shy person (believe it or not) and my palms sweat every time I have to give a donation, so you know what, nice idea Universe but I'm done - my phone pings.

Its a 12 month subscription. Eh?

From my friend, who was the single mum way back at the start, that we bought a bottle of wine for. She became my very dear friend after that, and she had just read the article and donated! (I had never mentioned the 12 Dollar Club to her - because it would be weird, like I said). Not only that, but every month she is buying a subscription for one of her friends, instead of having two coffees for the month.

So. The Universe basically refused my resignation and now we're back.

Well just me really, and a few others who think running around naked - metaphorically speaking, might be a good idea.


I have no idea why I'm doing this, trust me it's not to feel smug or pleased with myself or to allay some first world guilt, I just feel like I'm supposed to. Along the way I have learnt so much about others, and about myself and about what it means to give, and to stop (for just one minute) thinking about yourself. Having to commit each month, even when I don't feel like it, is quite honestly, a pain in the ass, but it's always, ALWAYS worth it.

Because without us those nurses would not know that they truly do make vaccinations SO much more bearable for this new mum, I would not have made a wonderful friend, and she would have never known that I thought she was a wonderful mum, a few tummies would be a little emptier, and they at least know someone cares. The school in Cambodia now has Hula Hoops and the next generation understands the importance of hygiene. The firefighters were thanked, and as a massive bush fire raged just down the road this morning and up in the city too, saying thank you is so needed. We walked with the Pancreatic Cancer organisation, we showed our appreciation for a wonderful teacher and we thanked buskers for the music. 


I would do it all again.

And we will.

So if you have the time to just grab your card and give, or even buy a membership for someone else, that would be awesome. It really would. This year I might just email you all to update you because quite honestly Facebook is busy enough.

So thank you fellow streakers, thank you for your time, for running next to me on. Even if it was just for that one year. I might have to combine January and February now because I got all nervous and couldn't think of who to give the money to, yep it's ridiculous. So along the way, if any of you have any ideas, please let me know. I also have a feeling this year will be even better.

Thank you 12 Dollar Club, now lets get awkward together and give some love back!

x Jo