Art for art's sake.

This month as I was about to do the weekly shop with Jack, there was a guy busking outside the supermarket. This is in fact a rather rare sight and I got all excited because I have always wanted to give a huge donation to a worthy busker.

I approached the shop entrance but as I got close I heard these rap lyrics and to be honest just thought "Yeah that's not quite what I had in mind," and carried on walking inside. Yep, there was a WHOLE lot of judgement going on right there, apparently I hadn't quite learnt the lesson from the previous month. However - as we came back out Jack kept pointing at him and nodding his head. As I retuned the trolley he got really animated and clearly he wanted to listen to the music.

It was at this point that the guy stopped what he was playing and started singing to Jack. Now the line up consisted of all sorts of age appropriate songs. He had a PA system with him so the entire carpark was filled with a Rasta Gangsta style version of Bob The Builder and a few others. Jack loved it.

The guy played like he was on a huge stage entertaining thousands. At one point I heard him say to his friend "I just love playing with the crowd". The crowd? Well in his head, every person who walked past him was his cherished audience for the day and it was lovely to watch.

I gave him the whole of August's donation, but he was so busy chatting and singing to Jack he didn't notice the $50 lying in this guitar case. A part of me, the same part who had walked past earlier wanted to point it out to him... then the other part, the part that knows better just smiled and thought, I hope he and his mates have an awesome after-party because this guy performed like he was at Glastonbury.

So this month's lesson?

1. I'm still learning. 2. Giving, truly giving is with no judgement about who "deserves it most" or waiting for them to dock their hat and be appreciative. You simply check your ego at the door, be grateful for the music playing and leave graciously having paid your dues.

Let's see if I do better next month.

Thank you 12 Dollar Club, I bet he had an awesome night.

Rock on.

x Jo