Hula Hoops in Cambodia

This month was a real doozy, in a good way. I have been feeling like I wanted to go bigger these past few weeks, to make an impact further afield. And while our little club comprises people from all over the globe, our efforts have been very Australia based. That's mainly because I have to persuade one of my mates on another continent to go out there and give - which oddly isn't as easy as it seems. Even I find myself wandering around thinking, how am I going to do this? This month however, I didn't even have to ask as the lovely Abby and her family have just left our suburban utopia here in the South West and have gone off in search of new adventures, with their little ones along for the ride. She suggested we get involved and buy a few hula hoops and some soap for a local school they have been volunteering in and of course it was a total yes.

The result was lovely. Truly lovely. It doesn't always need to save lives (although with the education about hygiene being the main focus here it may well end up that way), sometimes it can just be about some big smiles, skipping ropes and hula hoops.

This was what I always wanted to achieve, giving someone, somewhere a $1 and it actually going straight to them. No dilution along the way.


I have said before that this isn't about making ourselves feel better and appeasing the guilt, there are enough charities out there that need will take your hundreds of dollars gladly. I wanted this to be about the amount of people not the money. Let's be honest, most of us could donate $40 and be done with it, but instead I have have 40 people that every month I know have invested their time and heart into this and I need to honour that. I love that 40 people - (we gained 10 just this month!) have given their time, and credit card information and stopped in their crazy busy lives to read whatever I've written and then get involved. That, that right there makes me smile a big BIG smile. I also know that $40 one month is ok, but because there are 40 of us now, that's every month that we get to spend $40, on someone new, somewhere new. And I love that.

I haven't pushed much on this to be honest. The irony isn't lost on me that while most of us will have a few hundred friends on Facebook, it's fascinating that only 40 people have stopped just scrolling on their newsfeed and done this. I think that's incredible how a cat video can go viral but  getting $1 can be so time consuming in our crazy lives - and it IS! I personally scroll past stuff like this all the time. I'm not judging, I'm merely noticing how "busy" we all got. And how maybe something is missing here. I'm hoping that you guys - and me can, over time, convince one or two of our mates to get involved. Not for any other reason that it just makes you feel like you've done something - anything, while the world around us spins madly on. Because like I said, if we could get a 1000 of us, every single month? Wow....

In the meantime. I love 40. Because 5 months ago it was 1.

Can't wait for June.....

Jo x

You can follow Abby and her motley crew here