Just One Caring Adult

As my own little 5 month guy was finally tucked up safe and sleeping for the night I decided to have some 'me' time. It was an entire hour, at 10pm when I really should have been in bed. As I trawled the blurry denizens of social media I stumbled across this video and while my 'hour of power' is seriously precious to me and I wouldn't normally use my minutes watching a video, I clicked on this and just kept watching. 'Troubled kids' or whatever term you use, is not something I really know much about. I also know very little of foster or adoption programs and I myself was blessed with a loving home and parental support. However I was badly bullied throughout my childhood and into adult life. It led to a whole host of issues some of which still affect me to this day, but all I can say is that were it not for the caring adults in my life I would have broken many years ago.

I had never heard of Josh Ship until this video, but he really is compelling to watch and while his story is shocking, his message is powerful and uplifting. It made me think not only of my own son who I'm sure, like his dad will want to dabble his toes in rebelling and I'm sure like both his parents will not take kindly to being 'told what to do'. I aim on being as prepared as I can be so that he doesn't feel the need to 'push' against us - although I know he will. With his genes he has little choice. But when he does I shall take note from this video and try to view his behaviour as an opportunity. Since having my own child I now want to look after every ant, plant and person it seems, and knowing there are so many vulnerable children out there pretty much sends me over the edge with emotion. What doesn't get talked about quite as much are the older teens who seem to get lost so easily. They are far harder to reach and yet are desperate for someone to hold a hand out to them - even if they bite. I was miserable as a teen and it was at that age that people intervened for me and certainly gave me the strength to be who I am today. So give this video a quick peek, I bet you watch till the end. Don't wait till you have time, just watch it. I won't begin to go into the brilliant advice and perspective Josh gives, he can do that all too easily himself, this is just me sharing something I think more of us need to be aware of. Our behaviour after watching this will shift, and it can save and change countless lives. Now surely that's worth giving a bit of your time for.

x Jo

Photo credits : jagershotzz/Reddit and : https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/61009769930833719/