And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

So I'm back to a favourite subject of mine, which never gets old - but what I'm so excited to see however, is that we are getting braver. Much braver. The video at the end of the post may well have found it's way to your computer by now. I've actually seen this whole standing in the middle of the road with a blindfold on asking for kindness by strangers before. But what shouldn't be astounding is how when faced, one on one with another human opening up, is that we do the same. Whether it's facing the face of a refugee, the face of a person crying, or the face of a brave woman blindfolded in the street, individually we are truly incredible.

Despite what the news would like us to believe, we are not our governments statistics, we DO NOT represent graphs and charts showing how much aid we have or haven't given. We cannot be held accountable for the choices our councils and governments make, because we know that none of us were ever asked. No one ever came to our door and said, can you help? What do you think we should do? We never voted for any of their complex and nonsensical policies and we never endorsed the mass neon advertising for diet pills. We never asked for any of it.

And the lie is so beautifully exposed when we see videos like this. We see what the news and advertising industry don't want us to see. The bold truth, that when you strip it all away we WANT to support each other, we want to reach out and help. We are still capable of creating goose bumps without Hollywood intervening. We are still capable of opening up our homes and hearts and minds to anyone.

It really is a wonderful world. 

x Jo

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Posted by HLN on Wednesday, 9 September 2015