Quill & Ink


The Reading Room

Quill & Thimble


The Forge

Wood and metal workshops

The Dandelion Room

Children's craft room

The Pantry

The Potting Shed

Function Room

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Welcome to THE QUILL COLLECTIVE - a Creative Outlet. Situated in Vasse, in the South West of Australia, in the northern tip of the Margaret River Wine Region. This is a place of community, inspiration and collaboration. Bringing together all forms of creativity. From art, crafts, pottery and an apothecary to food and everything in between.

We've also made sure that nearly all areas are accessible by wheelchair and prams. The only area not accessible is the second floor of the Reading Room, which is why we have one at ground level too, with seating for wheelchairs as a priority.

We will be opening our doors in March 2019 and building and landscaping work is underway, so until then have a look through The Quill Collective menu above or click on any of the images below to see what we are offering.

We'd love to hear from you - either email us at thequillcollective@gmail.com or follow us on our social media feeds.

Instagram and Facebook: @thequillcollective

Quill & Rose


Quill & Stone


Quill & Clay

Pottery Cafe

The Creative Outlet

Gallery and retail

The Children's Garden

The Glass House

The Kitchen Garden

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